Employment Law

Your job is your most valuable asset.

If you have been wrongfully terminated or demoted, you owe it to yourself to hire the best attorney who will treat your case as if you are the most important client.  Our offices only handles a select few cases in order to give you the personal attention you deserve and we believe that will give you the best possible outcome.

If you believe you were wronged, don’t settle for a second tier attorney.  Mr. Delshad graduated at the top of his class from the best law school in Los Angeles and trained at one of the biggest and best law firms in Southern California.  Treat yourself to a world class employment law attorney, at no upfront cost to you (see legal disclaimer below for more detail on our contingency fee).

Mr. Delshad is constantly at the forefront of wrongful termination cases and serves as Editor in Chief of the California Wrongful Termination Law Review. He represents a select few employers and understands how both employers and employees view a wrongful termination case.

We can represent you if you believe you were a victim of:

If you believe you were wronged at work, whether harassed, discriminated against, wrongfully terminated or retaliated against for a discriminatory reason, fill out the case evaluation form to the right and you will be contacted for a consultation if we are able to take your case.