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Wrongful Termination Attorney

The law protects employees subjected to wrongful termination because of reasons of discrimination or retaliation. If you believe you were subjected to a wrongful termination from your job based on discrimination, retaliation, harassment, sexual harassmentdisability or any other wrongful reason, contact the law offices of Jonathan Delshad to schedule a free consultation with a Los Angeles employment attorney. Retaining a top employment attorney in Los Angeles to assist you in your employee / employer relationship should not be a trivial decision.  Your employment attorney should be prepared and willing to take your case on contingency because if you win, your employer will usually be required to pay your attorneys fees. If you live in Los Angeles and would like to speak to an employment attorney in Los Angeles regarding your employee / employer relationship or if you believe you were wrongfully terminated because of discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or any other wrongful reason, give our office a call for a free consultation. Mr. Delshad is a graduate of the best law school in Los Angeles.