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“In this age of disposable goods, Some corporations treat their employees like a disposable product. I work to make sure employment laws that are rules that protect all of us, do in fact protect all of us.

  There aren’t too many jobs where you really get to help hard-working people who are so deserving. I enjoy nothing more than helping my clients recover for the wrong inflicted on them due to improper employer motivations. Some corporations are more interested in their bottom lines than following the law. Loyal employees are disposed of as soon as they became less profitable to the company due to injury, disability, leave of absence, pregnancy or other life situation.

If you live in Los Angeles or work in Los Angeles and would like to speak to an employment attorney in the Los Angeles area regarding your wrongful termination case or if you believe you were wrongfully terminated because of discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or any other wrongful reason, give our office a call for a free consultation.

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Law Offices of Jonathan J. Delshad is a Proud Sponsor of Friendship Circle Los Angeles.  The Friendship Circle’s mission is to provide children with disabilities a full range of social, recreational, spiritual and educational  experiences.

Jonathan Delshad received the Outstanding Alumni Award on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 for his involvement with special needs children.