There aren’t too many jobs where you really get to help hard-working people who are so deserving. I enjoy nothing more than helping my clients recover for the wrong inflicted on them due to improper employer motivations. Some corporations are more interested in their bottom lines than following the law. Loyal employees are disposed of as soon as they became less profitable to the company due to injury, disability, leave of absence, pregnancy or other life situation.




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“In this age of disposable goods, Some corporations treat their employees like a disposable product. I work to make sure employment laws that are rules that protect all of us, do in fact protect all of us.


I went to law school to fight for the underdog and give a voice to those who otherwise have none. Not in every field of law do you have clients who have suffered such a significant harm by no fault of their own. Helping these employees and their families through this time and holding those who break the laws responsible and accountable for the harm is the most satisfying aspect of employment law litigation.

Suddenly losing a job can have devastating effects on ones psyche, family, and finances.  One of the most satisfying experiences for me and my employment law firm is giving my client their day in court and allowing a jury to award them full compensation for the emotional pain that accompanies the loss of identity of losing one’s job due to improper motivations of the employer.  Seeing my clients turn around from their day in court and rebuild their lives is a wonderful experience.

I fight hard to make sure that a corporation’s motivation for profits does not overshadow the law or the loyalty of an employee.

The employment laws are designed to protect all of us.  Any time an employer wrongfully terminates and employee either because of a disability, a history of disabilities, pregnancy, or a family leave that employer is endangering each of us. It is my privilege to go up against some of the most deceptive and difficult corporations to make my client whole.

After attending the top ranked law school in Los Angeles I started my career working at the law firm of Latham & Watkins, LLP one of the biggest law firms in Los Angeles.  After representing large corporations and banks, I saw firsthand how some corporation would put their motivation for money above their requirement to follow the law.  Rather than continue down that path, I decided to open my own law firm to focus on representing the employees who became victims to corporate greed.

If you believe you were subjected to a wrongful termination from your job based on discrimination, retaliation, harassment, sexual harassmentdisability or any other wrongful reason, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Delshad to schedule a free consultation with either myself or one of our excellent staff.

The law recognizes that employees who are terminated cannot pay for their own law suits and authorizes attorneys fees to employees who win so that working together, the government and attorneys like me can stamp out discrimination, harassment, and retaliation from the workplace.  Your employment law attorney should be prepared and willing to take your case on contingency because if you win, your employer will usually be required to pay your attorneys fees. Retaining a top employment attorney to assist you in your employee / employer relationship should not be a trivial decision.

If you live in Los Angeles or work in Los Angeles and would like to speak to an employment attorney in the Los Angeles area regarding your wrongful termination case or if you believe you were wrongfully terminated because of discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or any other wrongful reason, give our office a call for a free consultation.

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